Vegans and Vegetarians are Under-Served Within the Food Bank System

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Food insecurity affects one in eight Toronto households, which means many in our city do not have reliable or adequate access to nutritious food. Food banks play a critical role in helping individuals and families experiencing hunger; however, their fresh produce and veg-friendly options are minimal.

That’s where the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank (TVFB) comes in. This volunteer-run charity serves healthy, environmentally-friendly, cruelty-free, plant-based food to vegetarians and vegans in need. It currently operates on the last Saturday of each month in Toronto’s downtown east-end.

Who are their clients?

The TVFB serves Toronto’s vegetarians and vegans who are experiencing food insecurity. It also servces those who are trying to transition to a veg diet but aren’t able to because of the minimal selection of plant-based options at traditional food banks.

Powered by a team of dedicated volunteers, the TVFB has served more than 150,000 cruelty-free, plant-based meals in Toronto since launching in 2015, demonstrating that demand is high and there’s plenty more to be done.

How do their programs and services make a difference?

In addition to providing plant-based food to those who use the food bank system, the TVFB provides nutrition counselling and support via registered dietitians and nutritionists who volunteer their time and services.

As a strong advocate for healthier, plant-based foods in food banks, they are promoting important conversations around nutrition, the connection between poverty and poor nutrition, sickness and health-care spending, the impact of animal agriculture on our environment, and animal liberation.

How can you support their mission?

We are proud to raise funds for the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank through our Culinary Journey contest. You can help support their mission by purchasing a $25 contest entry. Your entry will also give you the chance to win dinner-for-two at eight of Toronto’s finest restaurants, including plant-based eatery, Awai.

To enter and for full contest rules, visit

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