Become a Charitable Recipient

We are currently seeking proposals from charitable organizations operating in the Greater Toronto Area to support in our upcoming events and initiatives. 

Charities that meet the eligibility criteria below are are encouraged to contact us.


Eligibility Criteria

We fund incorporated, non-profit organizations that have a valid charitable number from Canada Revenue Agency, or First Nations Bands designated as qualified donees, and have a mission to alleviate hunger or poverty.  

We prioritize funding requests from organizations that demonstrate the following:


We prioritize charities that focus on removing the barriers that perpetuate the poverty cycle to help individuals become self-sufficient. Charities that respond to urgent needs such as food and shelter will also be considered for funding.

Local Community Engagement

We prioritize grassroots, front-line organizations that operate on a continuous, year-round basis and develop programming and services with input from the community they serve.

Proven, Measurable Impact

We prioritize organizations that can demonstrate how their activities have a meaningful impact on the community or group that they serve and have a consistent track record of success.

Shared Values

We prioritize organizations that clearly demonstrate innovation, adaptability, sustainability and a local-first approach in their activities.


Dine to Donate does not fund the following:

  • Individuals

  • Projects that do not benefit individuals residing in Canada

  • Travel expenses

  • Endowments

  • Lobbying or political campaigns or groups

  • Private education

  • Religious organizations that require religious activity or affiliation as a condition of receiving services

  • One-time charitable events or campaigns

  • Charities in their first year of operations

  • Fundraising events

  • Chambers of commerce

  • Fraternal organizations

  • Requests aimed at paying salaries or making up an operating deficit

  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of gender, age, race, physical and mental disabilities, sexual orientation, religion, beliefs, culture or ethnic origin


Charities We Support

We are proud to support a growing list of charities that are dedicated to the fight against hunger and poverty here in the GTA.

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